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As you have noticed, this website is in Dutch. But I would like you to know that I am available for international assignments.


If you are a CEO or manager facing complex organizational issues - either within your company or in relation to outside developments - that require time-out for strategic refletion combined with personal leadership, I may be of service to you. Talking occasionally with a sparring-partner, on the basis of equalitly and mutual respect, helps to put things into perspective. New opportunities emerge.


Together we take a deeper look at the dilemmas of heart and mind.  I specialize in opening natural abilities regarding feeling, sensing, intuition and body-awareness. We will find practial ways and tools to align your natural abilities with rational thinking and apply this to strategic issues. I am an experienced organizational consultant and coach and specialize in system dynamics and organizatonal constellations. Other methods that I use are Theory U, Voice Dialogue and Organization in the Mind. 


During my international training on system dynamics in organizations I noticed that combining our different backgrounds creates an enormous richness. The mirrors this provided were often enlightening and funny, but sometimes also awkward and uncomfortable. I found out that being a Dutch civil servant I am culturally trained in seeing and acknowledging different points of view and discussing these quite frankly. The downside is that I can be perceived as very direct (even blunt) and disrespectfull of hierarchy. But it might be that this is exactly the kind of out-of-your-box-sparring that you are looking for.


My fee for executive sparring is €225,-- an hour, excluding VAT (21%) and travel expenses.



If you are curious, interested or have any other questions you would like to ask me, contact me at marjolein@marjoleindelange.com



Kind regards,


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